Jiangmen XinHui FarEast fabric Indusrty Co.,

In southern China’s largest manufacturer of fabric

Jiangmen XinHui FarEast fabric Indusrty Co.,Ltd is the top three manufacture factory of the polyester fabrics in the nationwide. It possess XinHui and DuYuan two Factory. The average production of the Polyester fabric is 0.3 million square meter.

Our spectrum of meshes and products:

  • Industrial Fabric 
  • Papermaking Fabric
  • Filtration Belt
  • Linear Screen Cloth

The Co. has Textile research institute\Textile equipment company\post-doctoral innovate practice base\ graduate student doctoral workstation\engineering center\New research and development institution. As well as state-of-the-art production and inspection equipments for paper machine clothing, including TEXO Rapier Weaving room of 12.5 meters from Sweden, SEAMATIC SC5 full-auto seaming machine from Austra, NLI heated Setting Machine of 12.5meters from Norway and TSB-4116 warping machine from Sewden.
Dvanced equipment / technology force/manufacturing technique aensure the quality of product. Our Co. sticks to the technology development strategy focusing on high quality and investment and investment, well-equipped inspection method provided convenience for the fabric of the large high speed paper machine.



Jiangmen XinHui FarEast fabric Indusrty Co.,Ltd.

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