Jiangmen XinHui FarEast fabric indusrty Co.,Ltd. is the top three manufacture factory of the polyester fabrics in the nationwide. It possess XinHui and DuYuan two Factories. The average production of the polyester fabric is 0.3 million square meter.

The warping machine produced by Swedish TEXO company adopts PLC automatic control system. Tension control, speed change, number of turns and other parameters in the warping process are all online monitored and stored, which is conducive to the production process control. Tension control mechanical parts have high processing accuracy and small tension error, ensuring that the tension error of each monofilament is within ± 5%, which is the premise of producing high-quality forming nets.

The 12.5m rapier loom is the latest product of Swedish TEXO company, equipped with DISO DOBBY dobby system, which has the advantages of width, high speed and stability.

Heated setting: 12.5M Heated Shaping Machine is a Hi-Technology product of Pro-Group Company From Norway. The machine utilizes Electronic Heating, convectional radiant heated wind, and active needle plate design to provide high efficiency and high precision, and to minimize temperature error ±1℃

The Sc5 automatic plug-in machine is a high-tech product of the Austrian WIS company. It is equipped with a rotary servo cross-line delivery system, a servo-controlled reed with a wave weft roller, and a Stäubli Jacquard mechanism. The maximum speed exceeds 4500 double lines / hour.

Hot melt adhesive edge machine American company BM-20 plastic edge machine, using imported 2U442 glue, single rubber edge width 0.5-1mm, can add 5-10 reinforcement ribs on the edge of the mesh according to the requirements of use The rubber edge penetrates into the mesh hole and has strong adhesion, which solves the problem of faster wear of the mesh edge and prolongs the service life of the forming mesh.