Dryer fabric/Characteristics and Application of Two-layer flat-yarn fabric series:

1.Compared to ordinary flat yarn dry fabric, double warp flat-yarn dry fabric used wider and thinner yarn.

2. The two sides are the same structure -flat fabric. The lower air permeability makes the wet paper not easy to shake and reduces the number of broken paper.

3. A higher contacting surface makes the pressure coming from the page run more stable and the lateral shrinkage of the page more controllable.

4.The wire connection design, the interface is as flat as the mesh.

5. The warp and weft yarns are high stain-resistant , hydrolysis resistant and corrosion resistant materials, and with long service life.

6.Air permeability 125;150;175;200;225;250 CFM.

7. Generally drying part is used for low temperature stage and it is suitable for cultural paper, tissue paper and special paper.

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