Toilet Paper Fabric

Product Description:

16 shed 2.5 layers forming fabric of double weft. Paper side is densely weaved with thin yarns and machine side is using thick yarns. This design can extend the service life. The double-warp structure on machine side is good for increasing the machine side strength. With this special design, it makes the product in good dewatering and size stability.This products can be used in fourdrinier and multi-wire paper machine.


Good for writing and printing paper, top layer of the packaging paper.

About Us:

Jiangmen XinHui FarEast Fabric Indusrty Co.,Ltd. is the top three manufacturer of the polyester fabrics all over China.It possess XinHui and DuYuan two Factories. The annual output of the polyester fabric is 0.3 million square meter.

Our major meshes products:

  • Industrial Fabric 
  • Papermaking Fabric
  • Filter belt
  • Polyester Fabric

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